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Pablo Rodriguez
Pablo Rodriguez - Teacher
Pablo Rodriguez, a young and enthusiastic tango teacher from Argentina and a member of the National Academy of Tango, first fell in love with the dance 10 years ago at the 'milongas' or social dances of Buenos Aires. He has spent the last 7 years traveling the world and providing classes, workshops and shows in many different countries including Japan, France, Italy and Ireland.


His aim is to share his creativity and passion for the dance with his students, many of whom have indeed developed a great love for this highly addictive dance! He is now based in London, a city with an ever-growing and vibrant tango scene. Tango has a rich and interesting history, from its origins in Buenos Aires to its journey throughout Europe. It retains its strong tradition today, while also embracing modernity in the form of 'Tango Nuevo' which is a fusion of the original tango with the music of today. Pablo, having studied various styles of tango with many of Argentina's leading teachers has now adopted his own unique style, embracing both old and new traditions.

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Beginners classes every Tuesday and Saturday from 7-8pm, find out more at or you can find us on Facebook.