David and Kim Benitez

07906 593 282
David & Kim Benitez (Tango Movement) are Leaders in Argentine Tango London. On week nights, they have a full programme of drop-in classes for all levels - from Beginners to Advanced Dancers. And on weekends, they hold fast-track Beginners courses, as well as Workshops for more experienced dancers. They also offer private tuition to tailor your tuition to your needs and streamline your progress. All their classes take place in professional dance studios in central London locations, close to a tube. Tango Movement is more than a tango school. David & Kim form a strong relationship with every student and are passionate about their progress. Through the unique energy and atmosphere of their teaching, they have created a community of dancers who share their passion for tango together and have formed lasting friendships. On their website (www.tangomovement.com) you can see photos and videos of their classes, their annual ball and student shows!

Argentine Tango, LDA

At LDA Tango we are a catalyst for understanding tango as a dialogue between the dancers, for being able to move comfortably and naturally as a dancing couple, for enjoying the rich, expressive music, for crisp and rhythmical footwork, and for sleek and sensual movements. LDA Tango Academy offers professional tuition in all styles of Argentine Tango from traditional to modern, such as Tango Salon and Milonguero, Tango Waltz, Milonga Lisa & Milonga with Traspie.
New Argentine Tango Dance Class starting at LDA Tango School in January 2017 follow the link to enrol

Claire Loewe

TangoSouthLondon (TSL) specialises in teaching the traditional Argentine Salon Tango- this is the beautiful, improvised, close embrace style that is danced socially. Founders & resident teacher Claire Loewe aim\'s to give you a good introduction to the basic concepts of elegance, connection, fluidity, musicality and style. With these qualities as your base, you can then learn how to negotiate any dance floor, building up your vocabulary of steps and interpretation.

Facundo Menendez

Facundo Menéndez was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My base is between Glasgow and Edinburgh (Scotland). I expend most of my time in this two city\'s but I also teach all around UK and other city\'s of Europe.


Argentine Tango Teacher from Argentina


Learn to tango as it’s danced in Buenos Aires and around the world at Tango Conexion, under the expert tutelage of Marek and Olivera Szotkowski. We promote traditional Argentine tango, which is a beautiful, captivating and sensual dance based on simple, elegant movements in a warm, tender embrace. We welcome everyone from absolute beginners to more experienced dancers – the only thing we ask people to bring with them is a willingness to learn and openness to new experiences.

Maria A. Solero

07846 102307
Maria has been brought up with traditional Tango and used this to develop a personal style that has contemporary elements but remains true to the fundamentals of traditional Salon Tango.

Pablo Rodriguez

+44 (0) 7799535140
Pablo Rodriguez, a young and enthusiastic tango teacher from Argentina and a member of the National Academy of Tango, first fell in love with the dance 10 years ago at the 'milongas' or social dances of Buenos Aires. He has spent the last 7 years traveling the world and providing classes, workshops and shows in many different countries including Japan, France, Italy and Ireland.


Raquel Greenberg Dancer, Master Instructor and Choreographer Argentine Tango


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