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Films of Carlos Gardel
05 June
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Carlos Gardel was a singer, songwriter, composer and actor, and is perhaps the most prominent figure in the history of tango. The unerring musicality of Gardel's baritone voice and the dramatic phrasing of his lyrics made miniature masterpieces of his hundreds of three-minute tango recordings. Together with lyricist and long-time collaborator Alfredo Le Pera, Gardel wrote several classic tangos.

Radio performances and a film career extended this appeal. Gardel's sky-rocketing career was cut short in 1935, when he lost his life in a plane crash in Colombia.

1936 The Big Broadcast of 1936 Carlos Gardel - Singer
It is a musical with several artists of the moment: Jack Oakie, Bing Crosby, Ray Noble and his Orchestra, George Burns and the Vienna Boys Choir, among others.

Carlos Gardel is involved in two tables with Celia Villa, Manuel and Carlos Spaventa Pelufo. Interprets "Apure delantero buey" and "Amargura".

1935 El día que me quieras Julio Argüelles
July Argüelles, son of good family and a singer in hiding, defying parental authority and marries an actress. Despised and without work, with his sick wife, decides to rob the house of his father. Then widowed and is dedicated to singing, with her daughter, to make a living. She falls in love with a boy whose father does not approve the engagement, being the daughter of artists. But then changes his mind when he discovers the true identity of Argüelles.

Gardel plays: "Sol tropical", "Sus ojos se cerraron", "Guitarra, guitarra mía", "Volver", "Suerte negra" in trio with Lusiardo and Pelufo and "El día que me quieras" with final duet Rosita Moreno.

1935 Tango Bar as Ricardo Fuentes
The action begins on board a steamer. Laura Montalvan is a thief who has Zerrillo Commander complicity. On that trip, Ricardo Fuentes is interested in her, but finds out what's going on. Some time later opens a "dancing", "Tango Bar" and Laura succor of a difficult situation to hide a stolen piece in your safe and convince the police that chased the woman of his innocence. It seemed to be the final gesture towards her, she was determined to break the relationship, but what deters his promise to change his life for good.

Gardel plays: "Por una cabeza", "Los ojos de mi moza", "Lejana tierra mía" and "Arrabal amargo".

1934 El tango en Broadway as Alberto Bazán
Alberto Bazan is a young frivolous, interested in the work and business, who has an affair with a dancer named Celia. Their strict uncle announces a visit and then prepare a hoax: make Laurita, Secretary of Alberto, his girlfriend, and Celia ends up doing the role of secretary.A funny sitcom Alberto culminating in falling in love with Laura, and uncle, leaving aside his seriousness, Celia excited.

Gardel interprets "Rubias de Nueva York", "Golondrinas", "Soledad" and "Caminito soleado". Agustín Cornejo sings "Chinita" and "Qué me importa".

1934 Cuesta abajo as Carlos Acosta
The student Carlos Acosta left his career and leaves her girlfriend Rosita for going after Rachel, a woman who drags him to an immoral life and his own ruin.The protagonist makes his living in a cafe in a U.S. port, dancing silver. There he meets an old friend, Jorge Linares, en route to Argentina. Addressing a booth to talk, he discovers that Rachel keeps another man with the money he gave her. Carlos decides to join his friend and return to Buenos Aires, to reconnect with Rosita, still expected.

Gardel plays: "Amores de estudiante", "Por tu boca roja", "Criollita decí que sí", "Cuesta abajo" and "Mi Buenos Aires querido". Carlos Spaventa sings: "En los campos en flor" and style "Olvido".

1933 Melodía de arrabal as Roberto Ramírez
 Mr. Torres made ​​his living stealing from cafés, cheating at the game with Pedro Ventura, an accomplice friend. It was also cantor. One day I called Alina, a professor of singing, and recommends it to a theater to give you a chance. Torres, embarrassed by their way of life, hiding his true identity and calls himself Roberto Ramirez.

The plot thickens when, in a struggle, the singer kills Rancales, an old coffee accomplice threatens to tell the truth to Alina. The officer in charge of the investigation discovers the truth of the crime and also the double identity of Ramírez. But instead of denouncing it, which helps in gratitude, and that on another occasion the singer had saved his life.
Gardel plays: "Melodia de Arrabal", "Cuando tú no estás", "Silencio" and "Mañanita de sol", a duet with Imperio Argentina. Imperio Argentina sings: "Evocación", "No sé por qué" and "La marcha de los granaderos".

1933 Esperáme Carlos de Acuña
A Rosario does not like the idea of marrying the suitor chosen by her father. She dreams, day and night, with a singer named Carlos de Acuña and is willing to do anything to fulfill his desire. After many adventures, including a leak, Rosario manages to unite his affection with Carlos, as he discovers that his rival was, in fact, a vulgar and unscrupulous criminal. A key witness who will tell the truth to the girl's father.

Gardel plays: "Por tus ojos negros" "Me da pena confesarlo", "Criollita de mis ensueños" and "Estudiante".

 1932 La casa es seria 

Short lost about 25 minutes in length, whose soundtrack is preserved.
Juan Carlos Romero insistently pursues Carmen Rivera, ignoring the protests of women. Until the persevering admirer gets her to accept it. They agree that he will go to visit her, going to her window and, at the signal, Carmen throw his key so he could enter. When the time and make his mark, a lot of keys are thrown from several windows.
Gardel plays "Recuerdo malevo" and "Quiéreme", which was made into a disc.

1931 Las luces de Buenos Aires as Anselmo
 Anselmo Torres is a simple country man excited with his girlfriend Elvira. Everything was fine until Elvira goes to Buenos Aires with a friend, eager to start a career in theater. Worried, not having heard from her, Anselmo is traveling with some friends to get it. Find her in a party of dubious morality. Disillusioned and hurt, goes to a cafe where takes place the memorable performance of "Tomo y obligo". At the end, turn to a clever ploy to kidnap Elvira and take to the field again. There is a happy ending.

Gardel plays also "la rosa" and Sofia Bozán "La provinciana" and "Canto por no llorar."

1917 Peach Blossom as Fabián
Fabian must leave the village and Rina, his girlfriend, is seduced by Germán, who leaves pregnant. Embarrassed and despised by his father, travels to Buenos Aires where he suffers various indignities until it returns to the family home. Once back, Fabian, forgives his former girlfriend and marries her. The couple has a child to relive old grudges die, triggering a tragic end for all players.


He also participated in this shorts 

1930 Añoranzas (short)

1930 Viejo smoking (short) as the tenant
1930 Yira, yira (short) 
1930 El carretero (short) 
1930 El quinielero (short) 
1930 Enfundá la mandolina (short) 
1930 ¡Leguisamo solo! (short) 
1930 Mano a mano (short) 
1930 Padrino Pelado (short) 

1930 Canchero 

1930 Tengo miedo 
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