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Marek - Teacher
Learn to tango as it’s danced in Buenos Aires and around the world at Tango Conexion, under the expert tutelage of Marek and Olivera Szotkowski. We promote traditional Argentine tango, which is a beautiful, captivating and sensual dance based on simple, elegant movements in a warm, tender embrace. We welcome everyone from absolute beginners to more experienced dancers – the only thing we ask people to bring with them is a willingness to learn and openness to new experiences.


Dance has been an integral part of Marek’s life for as long as he can remember. In 2001, he was employed as a teacher at the Fred Astaire dance studio in Milwaukee, USA. One of his students took him to a milonga and his life changed forever in the space of that evening. Classes are fun and involving, and while you can learn at your own pace, we’ll be there to encourage you to advance your skills every step of the way. We look forward to being part of your tango journey. Marek and Olivera

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London, Richmond, Whitton - Twickenham, Staines upon Thames, Burley -New Forrest.